Here is a concept for Cash-chan, a gijinka/moe anthropomorphism of BCH similar to Monero-chan

My backstory for her is that Bitcoin-chan goes through various new bodies (hard forks), and during the 2017 fiasco, Bitcoin-chan didn’t go for a new body. A lucky day too, since the “body” that she ignored came to life (UAHF) and became Cash-chan. Stripped of all possessions save from one very old scrunchie she uses to tie her hair, she’s an everyday woman that wants and likes to go along, helping people out.

Also included is a chibi Cash-chan, Cash-tan.

And yes, the smallest circle is indeed a SmartBCH pin. She took the smallest one since she more or less is kinda… embarrassed on how it’s been going.

Any thoughts on the matter? Anyone can use this concept to improve on it or appropriate it for more… aggressive matters.

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OK so I googled Monero-chan…

I get it, so it is like a publicity stunt to get underage people who masturbate to furry & anime girls into BCH?

Is this an appropriate topic for Bitcoin Cash Research though? I doubt it…

It’s a more niche way of advertising Bitcoin Cash than ETH’s smart contract animal mascots, to be honest.

I posted here to gather some insights about it and if I could pass it off to someone that would want to take her as a way to advertise BCH.

This is exactly what I said, I simply used more to-the-point words.

I mean this is what we are talking about, but in BCH version, right?

FYI, when you google images “Monero-chan” using private mode, about 75% of top results has a sexually implicit meaning.

So what do you consider should be “Researched” here as we are on “Bitcoin Cash Research” website?

The size of tits and ass?

Generally, as a fan of Big Blocks it would seem natural for me to prefer big tits, however I like balanced systems that just work and adapt to the situation.

So I would preferably have medium-sized cups with a lot of soundness (as BCH is sound money), flexibility and versatibility (same as BCH has multiple functions and excels at different tasks).

She should also be pretty smart [for a catgirl], because BCH is also smart money.

Maybe we should leave really big [unnatural] tits to BSV proponents, as they don’t care whether something works, they just want everything big.


Are we really doing this?

Okay, maybe this isn’t appropriate on the site at all. Didn’t need a whole discussion based about the weirder side of anime.

Advertising is still advertising, and I was just hoping to see if it would go well with the BCH brand.


Rule 34 applies universally, dude.

Indeed, many say that “any advertising is good advertising”.

However BCH Research kind of feels more suited for serious discussions rather than furry/anime fandom, usually.

That said, I have upvoted your post on Reddit.