Jedex: Joint-Execution Decentralized Exchange

Excited to share a new proof of concept: Joint-Execution Decentralized Exchange (Jedex) is a non-custodial, censorship-resistant token DEX architecture for Bitcoin Cash (BCH):

Jedex demos new techniques made possible by CashTokens, an upgrade proposal for 2023:

I also wrote a TLDR in this Twitter thread:

Feedback and reviews are appreciated! This forum topic is ideal for general questions and discussion. Issues and bugs can be reported on the GitHub issue tracker. Thanks!


This is awesome!!

I asked in a private channel whether this AMM-style DEX usecase depends on reworked limits for smart contracts (a CHIP that might only be implemented in 2024) & will paraphrase the reply here for anyone else wondering the same.

→ Jedex is actually 8 different contracts! CashTokens v2 allow to easily break logic into multiple contracts, so the per-contract VM limits are much less of a problem in general. That means that practically any DEX/decentralized oracle design will be at least possible with only the CashTokens upgrade.