Rbch, my R package for statistical analysis of BCH, is now available on CRAN

I am pleased to announce that the first version of rbch, an R package for statistical analysis of the BCH blockchain, has been approved for distribution through the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN):

At this point in time the functionality of the package is fairly basic. It makes RPC calls to bitcoind to extract blockchain data. Future versions will enable more advanced statistical analysis. Currently I am prototyping some data structures and workflows to enable basic chain analysis.

For now the package description suggests using Bitcoin Unlimited’s node since I have tested all functions with BU. Soon I will test other full node implementations to make sure they work with rbch.

Successfully submission of rbch to CRAN was one of the deliverables of Phase One of CashFusion Red Team. I already use rbch in the CashFusion Stats web app.

Special thanks to Bernhard Pfaff. He wrote rbtc, which was the basis for rbch.


Nice. I came to ask if there was already an example of usage. For anyone else who wants to see it in use, you can see here in the CashFusion stats source.


Nice work - obviously I’m interested if you run into problems while testing it with BCHN.

Feel free to raise issues with us if you do.


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