Annual conferences targeting the week before Devcon

This is a proposal for establishing the week prior to Ethereum’s Devcon as the Schelling point for BCH conferences.

For disclosure, I’m primarily engaged with the Ethereum ecosystem, however there are plenty of other cryptocurrencies I’d like to get further involved in. Specifically I view BCH as an area where advancements in PoW research can be put into practice. My agenda here is to immerse myself with the community, and to facilitate further research.

EthLisbon saw other communities host their events in the following weeks: Cosmos and NEAR (Cosmoverse and NEARcon respectively). The StarkNET ecosystem summit is targeting the days immediately after the Stanford <> IC3 Science of Blockchain Conference as another example of this practice.

The idea here is for a similar arrangement to occur for Bitcoin Cash, however in the week prior to Devcon.

As it will be at the mercy of the scheduling of Devcon, it should not be viewed primarily as an event for working on CHIPs, though they would naturally be discussed.

Until otherwise supplanted I imagine a name such as ‘BCHcon’ would be suitable.

A drawback with this method is that it’s pegged to a community external to BCH.