BCH Testnet faucet

Greetings to all! I am working on a wallet and would like to test my transaction code with some testnet coins. I’ve tried:

  • faucet fullstack cash - even though I’ve never used it, here is the error:

Error: This BCH address has been used before, or you need to wait 24 hours to request from this IP address.

  • developer bitcoin com/faucet/ (under maintenance)
  • testnet-faucet electroncash de (site seems to be down)
  • coinfaucet eu/en/bch-testnet (goes to ABC’s new coin)

(took out the periods so the bot does not recognize the links)

Does anyone have any recommendations for how to get some testnet coins for BCH, and if we should be moving to Testnet4?
I’m new to the programming aspect of things, though I have been following bitcoin for a long time and would truly appreciate any help given. If needed this thread could also be a big help to new developers to bitcoin cash looking to get some testnet coins to start developing with.

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This will probably not answer your question, but it may be relevant at some point. In case you didn’t see it:

Disclaimer: Please don’t take this as a particular promotion of the Flipstarter campaign itself. I just thought it could be beneficial in your search.


The faucet is live now on:

Source code is available to for anyone to host

Thank you so much @tech! I just got my testnet coins!

Sorry for the late reply, I was fixing up the UI and other things in the wallet.

Be assured that this is a priority for me and when I can help out and chip in, I will definitely do so.

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