Are there any features you would like to see being implemented on Bitcoin Map?

Of course.

Let’s start from an easy one.

  • When I connect to the site from a polish browser with language set to polish, from a polish IP, when I try to mouse scroll the map without CTRL pressed, the message to press CTRL is in spanish. When I connect from TOR, from an english browser with random IP, the same happens - spanish message. This is very disorienting for the user and seriously diminishes user experience, as intuitively user may and often will try to zoom the map with just a mouse scroll.

  • The message “best viewed in brave or chrome” that appears on the left while site is loading should be got rid of. Brave or chrome are not privacy protecting browsers and can be considered a security/privacy risk (or a joke) when a security-conscious crypto user is using the site. As a OG crypto and security expert, I find it extremely off-puting and unbecoming of any business that strives to treat user seriously.


  • Also similarly the names of couuntries are not in English but in spanish when site is viewed from an english-language browser / polish IP. Default language should be set to english by default if there is no correct language matching user interface’s lang in the database.

When I find any more problems, I will let you know.

Where does the data come from?