Cash Improvement Proposals (CHIPs and Proto CHIPs) List

You missed this one: Multiple OP_RETURNS - This time for real! - #12 by proteusguy

Added. Thanks for the heads-up.

If we ever adapt BIP123 into a “CHIP123”, it would probably be good to insert a “Relay Policy” layer between “Consensus” and “Peer Services”. It would contain things that can’t split the chain (unlike “Consensus”) but can cause consistency/security issues for 0-conf (unlike what one might expect for “Peer Services”). But for now “Peer Services” is the best fitting category to put these CHIPs in.

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If you draft/propose such a CHIP for Relay Policy Layer I will support it :grinning:.

I have updated the multiple OP_RETURN CHIP to “Proposed” status.

Thanks for maintaining a list!

The PMv3 proposal is now a CHIP here. I don’t think I’m able to edit the title of this thread, but could an admin change it to follow the format of other threads about CHIPs? Maybe CHIP-2021-01-PMv3: Version 3 Transaction Format + the CHIPs tag.

Thanks for the information.
Both, CHIPs list and tittle of the correspondent post, updated.

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I just created a thread for a new CHIP here:

Targeted Virtual Machine Limits CHIP added to the list.

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I am very impressed with the content I see here.

Shouldn’t the CHIP for Multiple OP_RETURNs and Unconfirmed Transaction Chain Limit be something like implemented or being implemented? It will be a few hours left before the May 2021 Upgrade goes live and said CHIPs are activated.

Let’s wait for those CHIPs owner’s confirmation.
@joshmg @proteusguy

List and related posts updated with @joshmg and @proteusguy confirmations.

New CHIP :slightly_smiling_face:



@Leandrodimarco should we rename the thread linked for CHIP: Bigger Script Integers too? I think it should be CHIP 2021-03 Bigger Script Integers.

(This one:)


I can change that if @Jonathan_Silverblood is also ok with it. I wrote that before there was a CHIP.

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I’m OK with it.

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As agreed I updated post’s category and relevant tags.
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