Cash Improvement Proposals (CHIPs and Proto CHIPs) List

Nr Layer Title * Owner Type Status **
? CHIP Guidelines Griffith Process Draft :white_large_square:
? Consensus Sighash Constrafirstin Burak Keceli Standards Withdrawn :purple_square:
? Consensus Restrict Transaction Version Tom Zander Standards Draft :white_large_square:
? Consensus Allow Transactions to be smaller in size Tom Zander Standards Draft :white_large_square:
? Peer Services Unconfirmed Transaction Chain Limit Josh Green Standards Draft :white_large_square:
? CHIPs: Processes for consensus changes imaginaryusername Process Draft :white_large_square:
? Consensus Add Native Introspection Opcodes Jason Dreyzehner, Jonathan Silverblood Standards Draft :white_large_square:
? Consensus Group Tokenization for Bitcoin Cash Andrew Stone, A60AB5450353F40E Standards Draft :white_large_square:
? Consensus Bigger Script Integers Rosco Kalis, Jonathan Silverblood Standards Draft :white_large_square:
? Peer Services Multiple OP_RETURNs for Bitcoin Cash Benjamin Scherrey, Jonathan Silverblood, BigBlockIfTrue Standards Proposed :blue_square:

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**Links in this column redirect to discussions in this forum.

This list uses one of the several proposals for CHIPs structure and classification. The discussion is currently ongoing. In no way it represents a final decision or imposed measure. When the community reaches an agreement, the classification of this list can be easily altered.
The classification in use here follows BIP 0002 and BIP 0123 proposition.

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You missed this one: Multiple OP_RETURNS - This time for real! - #12 by proteusguy

Added. Thanks for the heads-up.

If we ever adapt BIP123 into a “CHIP123”, it would probably be good to insert a “Relay Policy” layer between “Consensus” and “Peer Services”. It would contain things that can’t split the chain (unlike “Consensus”) but can cause consistency/security issues for 0-conf (unlike what one might expect for “Peer Services”). But for now “Peer Services” is the best fitting category to put these CHIPs in.

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If you draft/propose such a CHIP for Relay Policy Layer I will support it :grinning:.

I have updated the multiple OP_RETURN CHIP to “Proposed” status.