CashPayServer - BIP70/JsonPaymentProto Payment Microservice

Hi all,

I started working quite some time ago on a self-hostable BIP70 Payment Microservice for BCH. This is ‘almost’ stable - but I do find it can become unresponsive after a few weeks (still investigating this - might be my hosting infra or it might be something to do with the Electrum library).

This is a little different to other Payment Services as it’s intended to be integrated directly into sites (loaded into a <div> - as opposed to using a redirect flow). Basically, BCH treated as a first-class citizen.


Codepen (client-side) Example:

The JS library should make integration relatively easy (and can be used on the server-side with NodeJS for signature verification for Webhooks/Events - see docs).

There is also an admin dash available to view payment history and debugging information:

As it’s not yet stable, I’d strongly advise against using this in Production. I’ll be working on stabilising this in tandem with other services I build.

That said, if anyone does have use for such a service, please reach out as it will give me incentive to get done quicker.

JS Frontend Library Git: GitHub - developers-cash/cash-pay-server-js: Javascript library for CashPay Servers
NodeJS Backend MicroService Git: GitHub - developers-cash/cash-pay-server: BIP70 and JSON Payment Protocol server


  • BIP70 and JSON Payment Protocol Support
  • Default template renders in <div> container for easy integration (custom templates supported)
  • Websocket notifications (handle events on the client-side in real-time)
  • Webhook support (handle events in the backend - e.g. broadcasted , confirmed )
  • Exchange Rate calculation for most currencies (using Coinbase Exchange API)
  • OP_RETURN and custom script support via addOutput (BIP70 only)
  • Admin/Debugging Dashboard (