Changing mindset from BCH websites to BCH powered websites

Hey everyone,

Wanted to get your perspective on Bitcoin Cash on-boarding. I personally feel that our focus has been crypto / Bitcoin users and trying to convince them of Bitcoin Cash’s value proposition. I think we should begin changing the mindset and thinking more of how do we serve a need in the market (and we power it through Bitcoin Cash, and teach people on how to use Bitcoin Cash)

In this case, we would have websites and services like, VenezuelanWorkers, Lazyfox etc be more focused on providing the service and provide easy on-boarding to Bitcoin Cash through the website (i.e. Fund account with credit card, like any other website just that funds get converted to Bitcoin Cash)

What are your thoughts?


thinking more of how do we serve a need in the market

I could not agree more. I am looking at the ways money needs to cross borders, and building apps that utilize Bitcoin Cash to make that easier, faster, cheaper, etc.; and to enable people to do new and useful things they couldn’t do before.


Fully agree, In my mind it is about providing value, which can be across different dimensions:

  • Cheaper
  • Faster
  • Easier
  • With less infrastructure (for businesses)
  • Safer
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