CHIP 2022-10 BCMR: Bitcoin Cash Metadata Registries

Hi all, I just published a draft proposal for a new application-layer standard:

Bitcoin Cash Metadata Registries (BCMRs) share metadata between Bitcoin Cash wallets, allowing user-recognizable names, descriptions, icons, ticker symbols, etc. to be associated with on-chain artifacts like identities, tokens, and contract systems.

Registries can be found via DNS and updated using on-chain transactions, offering strong censorship resistance and the same security available to funds and tokens: multisignature wallets, offline signers, time-delayed vaults, bounties/honeypots, and more.

On-chain identities are represented by chains of transactions, so their history and broadcasts can be verified by light clients with tiny proofs (a few KBs). Think software update hashes, warrant canaries, tamper-evident logs, reusable payment addresses, .onion addresses, etc.

The full specification is available on GitHub:

A livestreamed tech talk + Q&A on Bitcoin Cash Metadata Registries will take place on November 1, 2022 at 13 UTC:

Feedback and reviews are appreciated, either in the GitHub issue tracker or below. Thanks!


Great discussion today. Appreciate you organizing that. Very ambitious goals. The one open question I still have is about making sure to identify any tradeoffs you had to take, or potential weaknesses you can imagine, for example off in the future when it is highly adopted.