Custom graphs within posts

Graphviz allows you to build your own custom graphs within posts.
It utilizes viz.js to render graphs using one of Graphviz’s graphing languages, like DOT or Neato.

To embed a graph use [graphviz] [/graphviz] bbcode. Optionally you can define layout engine attributes: [graphviz engine=neato]. If engine is not defined, it defaults to the DOT engine.

See the documentation for a list of examples at GraphViz Pocket Reference and Deister Software to build your graph.

g a a b b a->b c c a->c d d a->d b->c e e b->e f f b->f g g b->g h h b->h i i b->i j j b->j c->d k k c->k l l c->l m m c->m n n c->n o o c->o p p c->p d->b q q d->q r r d->r s s d->s t t d->t u u d->u v v d->v f->v k->e q->l
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