Fair Meme: A fair approach to launch tokens on Bitcoin Cash

We are pleased to announce that today FexCash is launching a brand new feature: Fair Meme.

Fair Meme is a token launching mechanism that combines the features of AMM with complete fairness.
For a specified period of time, users can buy Fair Meme tokens at the same price from a smart contract, and when the sold amount reaches half or expires, the smart contracts will add the collected BCH and equivalent Fair Meme tokens into a new AMM pool.

Furthermore, after Fair Meme contracts create the new AMM pool, users can add lock AMM pool’s LP tokens into “Earn” contracts to earn rewards.

Please note that due to the contract upgrade to support Fair Meme, the legacy AMM pool will be relocated to https://fex.cash/legacy, so please go to the legacy page to remove the liquidity and add it to the new AMM pool.

For specific details about Fair Meme, please read on: https://github.com/fex-cash/fex/blob/main/whitepaper/fairmeme_whitepaper.md