How to make Bitcoin Cash anonymous?

I need to hide the origins of my Bitcoin Cash. Can you please advise if this method will be effective:

How to Make Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies Anonymous.

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This forum is not a helpdesk. Try:

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Thank you, I will try there.

good question lol
(no need for censorship lol)
(it’s still accurate “welcome to the surveillance coin club lol”)

ok i will be academically accurate both btc and bch comes under transparent coins and some may call them as surveillance coins also due to them not having base layer mandatory default privacy

but transparent coin can have some plausible deniability by either employing various tricks like coin-join, coin-swaps, pay-joins, atomic swaps with other privacy coins, moving coin to either privacy side-chain or extension-blocks and so on

now user may need to properly use op-sec have some delay function and make user to have proper coin-control and when swapping to other privacy coin to have some months long delay for swapping various UTXO