Key Aggregation for Schnorr Signatures

Schnorr signatures using key aggregation sounds like a powerful tool, yet there seems to be underwhelming use of it. The purpose of this topic is to enumerate tools/articles/examples for how to do aggregated m-of-n schnorr signatures, specifically on BCH.



What prompted this post is just some brainstorming about how to create and maintain a federated virtual network in a decentralized way. The role of the network participants/members would be to contribute towards generation of a signature to approve some specific function. Please don’t let this detract from the topic, and what comes next is totally half-baked. I was thinking that maybe one possible approach could be to have each of the federation’s members represented by an NFT that contains that member’s details such as IP or web address for others to initiate participation in some signature generation session. Creation and destruction of the NFT would represent federation members entering and exiting the network, and this could be governed by a smart contract requiring a minimum BCH staking requirement to join the virtual network. The member could leave the network at-will by destroying the NFT to reclaim the staking requirement. Obviously the existence of the NFT doesn’t guarantee that the user (or his node) is online, it would only represent the member’s desire to be part of the federation so it would be open to sybil attacks. More brainstorming required :stuck_out_tongue: