Libraries and SDKs for Bitcoin Cash

Source of information:

All in one

image bitcoincashj
image bch-js
TS-01 bitcore
image BitCash
image python-bitcoincash
swift-01 bitcoin-kit-ios
kotlin-01 bitcoin-kit-android
image bitbox-flutter

Data and Utilities

imageTS-01 libauth
image bchaddrjs
go-01 bchutil
image bitcoin-cash
image haskoin-cash


imageTS-01 electrum-cash
image bitdb and bitsocket
image fulcrum (C++ electrumx)
go-01 dnsseeder
imageTS-01 BCHD gRPC node.js
imageTS-01 BCHD gRPC-web

Rest APIs

image GetBlock

Smart Contracts

imageTS-01 cashscript
imageimage spedn
imageimage iguana
image meep


imageTS-01 slpjs
go-01 goslp
imageTS-01 bchaddrjs-slp


How does one submit new tools to this? (I couldn’t find a contact point)

We’ve got a “ready to deploy” dev/test/prod setup for a full BCH/SLP node that fully supports regtest so devs can dev/test against an isolated node before moving on to shared environments. It can also deploy as a full production Mainnet or Testnet node. Right now it builds on top of Bitcoin Unlimited & SLPDB (amongst others) but we’ll be expanding those options as we get demand for it (BitcoinCashNode being high on the TODO list).

You can find it all in our github: GitHub - ActorForth/bch-toolkit: A quick and easy setup for running a local Bitcoin Unlimited node with Electron Cash SLP wallet
Support can be found at: ActorForth/community - Gitter

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To answer your question, these tools were taken from, which is open source and you can submit issues/pull requests at GitHub - bchinfo/ Bitcoin Cash informational website.

I happen to be the maintainer, and I know and have used your tool, so I’ll make sure it is added to the website if other members of the team agree (which should be the case)! :rocket: