Live BCH Tech Weekly Talk Show

My company has been building a real-time event system for live performances at low latency (see BiggestFan Productions or our Twitter for more details). This tech is also useful for lots of other use cases. One we want to launch soon is a talk show style system where audience members can participate - kinda like a Clubhouse with video.

My intention is to start a weekly BCH Tech talkshow that focuses on architectural drivers and actual technology that makes up BCH. I live in Bangkok (GMT+7) and was curious what days of the week and time slot would work best for tech folk interested in BCH. Looks like we’ll be ready for the first show in 2-3 weeks.

We will be able to have both scheduled guests as well as invite audience members to participate as guests. Open to suggestions for guests and subjects as well of course. I think it’ll be fun and quite different than any of the vlogs or YouTube streams currently in existence. Naturally it’ll be live streamed out to Facebook & YouTube where it can be replayed later but to be in the live audience and participate as a guest you’ll need to be on our platform while the session is going on. Hopefully this will result in more organizations understanding how to integrate BCH into their business and encourage devs to adopt BCH as their crypto targets as well as making onboarding a lot easier.


I’d love to be on it! I’m on the west coast USA, UTC -7, time zone. DM me on Telegram!

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Great idea, let me know if I can be of any help.

In my experience, tech guys seem to mostly be in North American and East/South Asian time zones but the reality is they are everywhere.

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