Monthly Progress Report - May 2020

Bitcoin Cash Research promotes and operates under a standard of transparency towards the ecosystem. This report works in the direction of that principle. It details relevant aspects of the operation and welcomes any feedback that helps to fulfill the proposed vision.

I. Activity Highlights

  • Registered required domains.
  • Hired a service for the administration of domains.
  • Designed graphic material.
  • Created required email accounts.
  • Hired two droplets at a hosting provider, one to be used as a development environment and another as a production environment.
  • Installed Discourse product in the development environment following Discourse standards and best practices.
  • Proceed with initial configuration to bring the platform online in development mode.
  • Installed and configured a series of plugins to improve user experience in development mode.
  • Created basic administration and moderation accounts/profiles in development mode.
  • Tested the development environment in full to ensure the correct operation of the platform.
  • Installed and performed all last five tasks again in production mode.
  • Submitted help material to assist user experience.
  • Implemented initial backup policy in both environments.
  • Monitored platform on daily basis to ensure 24/7 availability.
  • Configured multisig wallet (2-of-3) for Bitcoin Cash Research operations.

II. Activity Lowlights

Nothing to report.

III. Next steps

Proposed actions under analysis and consideration.

  • Increase the number of moderators under an expected userbase expansion.
  • Progress in the platform’s decentralization and build the necessary resources to make the platform even more capture resistant.
  • Define a policy for the release of periodic backups while protecting users’ private information.
  • Define a policy for access to the server.
  • More plugins.
  • Dark mode.
  • CashID protocol implementation.

IV. Financial

Bitcoin Cash Research maintains its accounts using plain text accounting and hledger software via a ledger file (in attach at the end of this section), which will henceforth be included in a public repository as soon as possible.

Based on this public ledger, Bitcoin Cash Research is able to account for all its financial movements and produce suitable reports using auditable open-source software.

To date, our accounts and their respective funds are as follows.

Our expenses for this period are described by the following, considering that some of them are represented with minimum symbolic prices as they were part of donated time by collaborators.

Based on our operational expenses, income and liabilities derived Balance Sheet and Income Statement are as follows.

Resulting in a Net of -2.60565378 BCH at 2020-05-31.

Ledger file: 2020BCHResearch.ledger (2.0 KB)
Checksum SHA256: 19136F1C6B4B21B5BCE6713DB31B1B4A14B78A786F3159082503E15D402448E3

V. Funding

Project funds are held by team members in a 2-of-3 multisig Electron Cash wallet:

qr-code 200

This wallet intends to receive donations and cover operational expenses.

VI. Personnel

Total man hours for this period (April and May): 50.

VII. Statistics

–Thanks to all contributors who believe that small details can create significant changes and trigger positive network effects.


Wow, this is awesome! Thanks for sharing this!

Wen flipstarter?

Thanks a lot for your feedback!
We are aware that Flipstarter is moving in the direction of making its fundraising technology available to the public and any initiative to run it.
With Flipstarter ready for deployment, it may be a good idea to make a poll/survey in this forum and obtain feedback from staff and users about if Bitcoin Cash Research should go with a Flipstarter campaign or not.
I personally see it as a good idea, but feedback from the community is fundamental.