Name every BCH upgrade with an Acronym that translates to a celebrity name or surname

Lately due to loose semi-brainstorming sessions on Telegram, we have stumbled onto an idea that could give Bitcoin Cash free publicity with absolutely minimal effort.

This resulted in @BitcoinCashPodcast creating following poster:

So, I think we should name every BCH upgrade in the same fashion (1 - create a clever acronym, 2 - match the acronym to an existing celebrity [with some characters cleverly changed], 3 - make a celebrity poster with it or similar meme)


  • Free publicity with minimum effort
  • Extra entertainment for the users, decrease of boredom
  • Potentially Increased Inspiration of all developers and contributors because of the signals such celebrity images are projecting after such meme magazine posters are created: “sexual” signal, “prestige” signal, “lifestyle statement” signal, “belonging” signal, “strength” signal


  • Possible copyright / person likeness theft lawsuits. Could be mitigated by making the images with AI and / or making the celebrity completely fictional using AI.
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I didn’t create the poster or idea, Almaas Dast did (along with the Jessica pun). Credit given where due.

That said, I do hope that the idea of naming upgrades in this manner catches on. Things will develop organically, but I’d be quite pleased if we create a bit of a community meme that each upgrade is named after a fashion model (according to the major features of the upgrade or wordplay or whatever that fits the theme of the year).

Ethereum does the name of the city they’re in (Shanghai, London, Berlin) which is kinda lame and boring. BTC doesn’t name upgrades, cos they don’t have them on any schedule and it’s just a mess. “Jessica upgrade” is much easier to refer to than the “2024 BCH upgrade” which gets very stale if it’s just the name of the year every year, too bland & uninspired when we’re trying to create a cultural movement as well as a technical one.

So this is a BCH community differentiator which is organic and fun. Provided things don’t become too leery, it’s kind of amusing that a bunch of mostly male tech geeks would name their upgrades after fashion models, and as BCH grows at some point those fashion models will find out about it and likely appreciate the humour too. It builds in something that may be very useful for future promotional efforts. I think the fashion model theme also helps the BCH community to think more about mainstream adoption & appeal by becoming more cultured & visible & stylish.

Naming things after women is also not unheard of, it’s how they do hurricanes & tropical storms - albeit this is far more flattering.

So I am strongly in favour of this catching on as a trend. We’ll start with this year obviously & see how it organically develops into the next.

That’s my thoughts, as always, it will come from community enthusiasm & buy in. The reception so far on this year’s name of “Jessica” with the Jessica ABLA theme has been very very positive so it does seem to be something most people appreciate for the fun & unique element it has, obviously it’s not to everyone’s taste but overwhelmingly a majority of comments I’ve seen about it have found it a good thing.


There’s potential for “Jennifer” upgrade in the future :slight_smile:

Jennifer Low-Fees for sub-satoshi beats.

Ok, that was bad. I’ll see myself out.


we don’t have to brute force the acronym, we can just declare whatever name and use whatever rationale will seem fit for the particular upgrade, could be a link to some movie character’s trait or w/e, doesn’t have to be a link through acronym


I think this is a fun idea.

I’d probably keep it unofficial though in the sense that I wouldn’t attempt to “CHIP” this or declare formally that “this is the definitive name by which this upgrade WILL be called”.

Reason for this is that it can introduce another point of contention (and potential social attack vector) whereby fights stir on what name X upgrade should have.

The best/funniest that has the most memetic potential will probably catch on organically anyway.


I agree with having upgrade names but I disagree on using celebrity names or sexually attractive human for BCH. That reminds me of Godady old advertisements when they notably used sexy female to spread their brand.

IMHO those celebrities are tools of the oppressor to pacify human being. (pacifiers - tittytainment) and seduce them away from real humanity issues. Those people are like football player are not made heroes, glorified and paid substantial amount of money because of their service to humanity but rather because of their ability to hijack people attention and pacify them into submission.

Also Jessica and Jennifer aren’t just western figures? Are they really better than other nations celebrities or they were also a tool in the U.S softpower and PR campaign? Do we really need to add more credibility to these personalities?

I would prefer using names of freemarket figures like Adam Smith and Mises but I’m not sure if we have enough of those.

I can write pages on this but I think you can do your own research and I think the idea is clear.

Here is the next nickname proposal for Targeted Virtual Machine Limits upgrade.

“Targeted Virtual Machine Limits” makes TVML in short. After some experimentation, I suggest to nickname the upgrade ViLMa T. As in WVilma FTlinstone, the famous fictional cartoon character.

After fiddling with DALL-E Image LLM, here is an idea for a poster. Prompt: a photo of real-life (("wilma flinstone"))

There is some initial support with about 5 known people on Telegram liking the name and nobody being against.