SLP based DEX and AMMs

Can a decentralized exchange exist on Bitcoin Cash with an AMM? Or maybe it does and I havent heard of it yet?

I think it would be really good for token liquidity to have one. Its a basic DEFI utility too. But what are the technical ramifications here? Ive mostly only ever seen this on EVM based chains. Is this something that will probably just exist on the SmartBCH sidechain? If so, can i move SLP tokens to SmartBCH to trade them?

Please provide your definition of the capabilities of “Decentralized Exchange” as it’s quite a vast domain. I presume AMM is automated market maker? For some people atomic swap is an adequate definition of DEX and that can be done presently. Outside of that, most likely you’ll need a compute engine outside of layer 1 that targets BCH (and potentially other cryptoledgers) for their transaction store.

From my understanding of SmartBCH, it requires participation by miners to operate via a permissioned gateway of sorts. I think a lot of people would say that disqualifies it from being considered decentralized. I’ve been waiting for detailed technical specifications of this to be published so I could understand how it operates but haven’t seen it yet. It’s absolutely not in the existing whitepaper.