Smart Bitcoin Exchange (SBX) — A "Smart" Bailout Plan

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Smart Bitcoin Exchange (SBX)

Introducing a distributed Proof-of-Stake (dPOS) network of SmartBCH stakeholders tasked with effectively managing the SmartBCH bridge using a suite of trustless, Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) smart contracts. This Federation of XHedge Validators will voluntarily run the newly developed SBX Manager on their respective network of nodes, offering a wide selection of decentralized Bitcoin Cash & SmartBCH services, namely:

  1. Cross-chain coin transfers — eg. $BCH to $SBCH to $WETH to $WAVAX
  2. Cross-chain NFT minting & burning — eg. BAYC, CryptoPunks, Clementine’s, etc.
  3. Gas Stations — ie. gas-free SEP-20 & SEP-721 (meta) transactions
  4. Price Oracles
  5. Token Mining
  6. and more…

A “Smart” Bailout Plan

A "Smart" Bailout Plan - Smart Bitcoin Exchange

This is an emergency proposal to mint a NEW $SBX token to fully “socialize” the outstanding debt of the ~101K $BCH (valued at ~$10M) currently “locked” and made unavailable by the “original” SmartBCH Treasury’s custodian.

$SBX (Bailout) holders will receive a share of ALL exchange fees (0.1%),
PAID OUT DAILY, until the (Bailout) contract expires.

SBX Featured Resource Links (documentation) (lean canvas) (business plan) (mvp + bootstrapping campaign)

Bitcoin Please / Smart Bitcoin Exchange · GitLab (open-source code)


This alpha project is very early in its lifecycle. It will evolve rapidly over the coming weeks and months. Until we achieve our first mature release, we are not committed to preserving backwards compatibility. Buttons may be moved or removed in future versions.

Please take note! — We wanted to get this software in your hands as quickly as possible, so it’s releasing before it’s “complete”. Bug reports and feedback on future directions are appreciated and encouraged! That said, we have LOTS planned and many new features are on the way.

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