UTXO and scaling

Many here will agree that Bitcoin Cash should scale to world-scale. I’ve been working on scaling since 2016, near full time. I’ve had the illusion that if I write the code and nudge people, they will start understanding the research already done. As people keep talking about solving these topics I solved years ago I sat down and created an high level overview of the biggest and most important part of scaling in Bitcoin Cash; the UTXO.

The UTXO database is uniquely important because its central part in avoiding double spends and detecting in-block double-spends. Everything else can be massively multi-threaded or even spread over multiple machines but not the UTXO database.

The code can be found on libs/utxo · master · Flowee / thehub · GitLab
But I welcome anyone interested in this stuff to watch the video here;
The Flowee UTXO database architecture (odysee link)


Useful background reading for wanting get a fast system is understanding the underlying hardware and how it behaves. We can assume people do not use spin-disks anymore for this (SSDs are 30 years old, people that still insist on spin disks are in need of a reality-check).