We should create a BCH vision/roadmap document

This document will ensure that everyone is more or less aligned in what we build for BCH. We should mention specific technologies if possible, with the understanding that a demonstrably better technology could replace it. But the onus would be on the new tech to prove its better, and vaporware is not demonstrable :-).

Having this basic agreement will prevent a lot of problems that derailed the first few years in BCH, and stop a lot of wasted effort. We need to move quickly and efficiently now to make up for lost time, not fully investigate many possible ideas and then reject most of them simply because that’s not where we want BCH to go.

Should we even do smart contracts? We should not be debating this topic within the confines of a specific technical proposal to increase the P2SH script size. If we are not even doing smart contracts, the engineers who spent a few months creating a proposal to increase the P2SH script size should not have been wasting their time. This is how engineers leave the ecosystem.

Should we do smart contracts in BCH script, or should we make a completely new language for them such as web assembly. You can see how a tremendous amount of wasted work will happen if we chase down both of these roads, but the end result will be more or less the same from the user’s perspective since they are coding in higher level languages. And if all the engineers had piled onto one or the other, we’d be much further down that path. This is an example of why the roadmap should commit to specific technologies, when possible.

Finally, such a document would give something for people to get excited about, about the “new BCH leadership”, and also communicate that our more democratic process won’t get bogged down with no progress (which is a common criticism of more democratic processes verses the dictator model).


Vision or roadmap documents are awesome for advertisement purposes, especially at the start of a new project as this is essentially your promise for the future. For instance the BCH roadmap included lots of ideas which never got delivered. If you can’t deliver on your roadmap expect funding to stop from those that joined because of that roadmap.

Both a vision document and a roadmap are useful, for very different usages.

So, Wikipedia say this about a vision document:

It communicates the fundamental “why and what” for the project and is a gauge against which all future decisions should be validated.

For instance the Tesla vision statement is (source):

“to create the most compelling car company of the 21st century by driving the world’s transition to electric vehicles.”

Following this idea Flowee has the following one:

Flowee is a family of products that share the aim to accelerate the world towards a Bitcoin Cash economy.

As you can see, I got inspired by the Tesla one. And this is the goal of a vision: it is to inspire. It is to get people to join because they share the beliefs you have.

I also note that this is very short, can survive for a decade or longer and is just the right mix between fluffy and concrete.

As I mentioned, Flowee already has such a vision statement, if other projects have one they may be able to share that here.

In my opinion we should have a Vision Document/Statement for BCH but not a roadmap. Individual features should have road maps but not the coin as a whole.