Welcome! What are your current most-used mediums?

What mediums do you currently use to discuss BCH and node implementations?

In order of my most common mediums:

  1. Software Verde uses a private slack channel.
  2. Bitcoin Verde uses a private slack channel and a Telegram channel.
  3. I personally use reddit for general things.
  4. I occasionally use read.cash.
  5. I like the concept of memo.cash but do not use it often.


Josh Green
Bitcoin Verde


It’s quite a mess, really, and it’s nice to have a place like this for people to look up.

  1. Telegram - electroncashwallet, bitcoincashnode and others
  2. Various Slacks - bitcoincashnode and
  3. Github/Gitlab threads
  4. Reddit (…unfortunately)
  5. Read.cash is a good place to summary, but comments below is likely too obscure for discussion.
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Mine is more simple.

Telegram - @pokkst, or in various BCH telegrams if you ping me.
Twitter - @pokkst
Reddit - /u/_pokkst, though I’m not as active there as I am Telegram/Twitter.
And, perhaps when Shammah releases Stamp on mainnet, that will be my preferred method for DMing and such.

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Bit of a mess too.

  1. Telegram: Several groups.
  2. Couple of Slacks: I was kindly pushed to, but honestly I don’t like it.
  3. Github/Gitlab: But without the understanding how to unleash all its power.
  4. Reddit: Occasionally and just as spectator, when there is no way to avoid it. Somehow I cannot handle it. Am I a heretic? :smiling_imp:
  1. Various Slack channels, predominantly BCHN slack at the moment (I’ve recently been removed from ABC slack lol)
  2. GitLab issues & merge requests for BCHN projects
  3. read.cash when posting updates, occasionally in comments
  4. Reddit (infrequently)
  5. memo.cash (infrequently)
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  1. Private General Protocols Discord
  2. Twitter
  3. Telegram channels (mainly BCH Compilers, BCH Devs & Builders and sometimes SLP/CryptoCanal/BCH Amsterdam. Other public channels have too much noise)
  4. Sometimes Reddit/Read.cash.
  5. Sometimes on Slack channels, but not a big fan of Slack
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  • Twitter
  • Telegram
  • Reddit
  • Read,Cash
  • IRC (yeah, ok, this one is more of a wish than a reality)
  • Slacks (mostly BCHN nowadays, the only one that seems worth the annoying interface)