Native Introspection CHIP discussion

Opening up here for public discussion around the Native Introspection proposal: adding one or more opcodes to the Bitcoin Cash scripting language that pushes transaction information into the stack for usage inside scripts.

The current state of the CHIP is still very much a draft, but there has been real work done to build and implement variations of native introspection and I expect the CHIP to be updated as the discussion moves forward.


Statement from General Protocols.

(fixed naming)


Actually on this point, could you please specify the standards-type name for this CHIP? I think the one I used is good but whatever it is I think it is valuable for CHIPs to converge on some kind of standard that is useful, memorable and does not beg for centralized control.

After a discussion about naming I’ve renamed the proposal and filename, new link is: · master · GeneralProtocols / Research / CHIPs · GitLab

You can change to the new name now, should be more consistent with the other CHIP names.

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