As it was mentioned in the last monthly report (July 2020) @fast_badger contacted this forum with the idea to donate domain.

His perspective in terms of usability and easy access to new users with an easy to remember domain makes total sense.

Beyond that, the .cash extension has undoubtedly become a practical “trademark” among the Bitcoin Cash community projects for which we welcomed @fast_badger initiative.

The donation took place by early August and soon after started to redirect to URL, as it does by today.

Now we wonder if the forum should keep as the main URL and have redirecting to it, or vice versa, to facilitate access.

To feel what forum users would prefer, we propose the following poll with a closing date of September 22nd.

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Thanks to @fast_badger for his kind donation and idea.

Put my vote in, but preference isn’t terribly strong either way.

Ha, I managed to split the poll 50/50 for now :slight_smile:

Like uname, my preference isn’t very strong.

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I couldn’t resist and ended up voting - but I am kind of partial

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Ha, couldn’t resist to have it back to 50/50.
My preferences are not very strong either.
I hope we manage to solve it in the coming hours…