Vanity address generator for smart contracts, VanityTXID plugin for Electron Cash

I’ve created an Electron Cash plugin, VanityTXID, which can make vanity addresses & TXIDs. Please have a try! (requires download & install of inside EC) Here’s a screenshot. It works in Windows, Linux & macOS.

To create a vanity address for your smart contract, copy-paste the Script hex into the Script box, and then click Generate Address. When it generates, a message will be shown containing the new script and the vanity address. It appends 08000000000000000075 (OP_DROP) to the script, and varies the 0s to get the right CashAddr. It’s about quadruple the speed of VanitygenCash (CashAddr starting with ‘q’).

The addresses work with 0-conf, but not the TXID (a miner could change it before confirmation). Here is an example of me hitting the 520B push data limit. Here is an example of a vanity p-address. A smarter code would append a variable (smaller) sized nonce, but I’m not there yet.

One possibility is that public covenants could become more popular if they have vanity addresses. One idea is an address ‘preturn…’ which always returns whatever coins are sent to it, can’t do anything else, and doesn’t have any keys.

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v1.6.0 now comes with a Vanity Hash app that can vanitize the SHA256 Checksum of any file, by appending an 8B nonce, to a clearly named copy. I’ll make at least one video demonstrating it. It enables PoW on software releases, & famous documents, etc.

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